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Our Story:

In 2016, the Brexit Referendum was announced, which paved the way to severe unemployment in the UK. Ever since then, the increasing employment gap in the country started pushing the UK economy towards turmoil.
Passionate about changing the UK's future, the founder of IYouWork wondered whether there was a way to eliminate unemployment in the country. Eventually, he came up with the idea of IYouWork - a unique digital platform that connects the UK population with genuine work opportunities and businesses with an experienced and talented workforce. By the time the idea of IYouWork matured, the whole world got kidnapped by Covid-19. Getting hit by another unforeseen circumstance only strengthened the founder's goal. He advanced towards his objective with renewed determination and enthusiasm, striving hard to position IYouWork as the saving grace of the UK.
With the creation of IYouWork, things started looking up for youngsters having no experiences, unemployed people, persons who want to earn extra money and businesses having cash flow issues being overburdened by unnecessary contracted employees; IYouWork became every person's go-to.
Now, this digital platform bridges the gap between workers (finding work) and hirers (finding workforce) by connecting them in just a few clicks!

Your Future with IYouWork

Our objective is to create awareness of work opportunities amongst the UK population by encouraging the potential hirers to hire a local worker of every age and gender.
Our goal is to:

  • Accomplish a 0% unemployment rate in the UK by ensuring that every individual acquires equal working opportunities to showcase their skill and talent.
  • Promise every business the adequate management of their cash flow issues by controlling the flow of additional contractual workers.
  • Helping out the workers mitigate their depression by eliminating the daily stress of tough working routines.
We envision contributing to the local society by bringing work to the door of every person.

Our Aim:

"IYouWork aims to contribute towards the social community and extend support to the UK
economy by ensuring that the right businesses get connected with the right workers at the right time."

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Gain Flexibility:

IYouWork brings flexibility to your work by allowing you to define your own working terms so that you can balance work and social life with your friends & family. Choose from a variety of options, customise your timing, set a timeline, and get busy in earning.

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Affordable Experience:

Exploring work opportunities with IYouWork is also easy on your wallet. Forget spending tons of pounds to find an optimal variety of workers. Now you can enjoy working with them all under one roof at affordable rates.

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Earn More Profits:

IYouWork brings hirers closer to a motivated workforce and workers closer to profitable working opportunities. Ensure significant revenues with IYouWork by connecting with the right fit.


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